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Hello! My name is Maria Denisco, and I’m a graphic designer from Buffalo, New York. My illustrative mind and the Adobe Creative Suite are my weapons of choice. With these tools I can convey wordless, yet powerful messages that resonate with my audience. My site offers a glimpse into my experience. It shows my flair for creating clean, beautiful interactive and print media. It shows that I’m versatile in that I can take on any project that falls within the realm of graphic design – from logo, web layout, print and package design to typography, color, image manipulation, UX and UI. 
What my site does not show is that I’m a huge animal lover (and work with a local animal rescue group fostering dogs), or that I have a special affinity towards hand-lettering that led me to start a small, online stationary shop. Explore my site to get acquainted with my professional style. Use the buttons below to connect on social media, and get to know the woman behind the visuals. Have a problem in mind? Let’s chat:

Currently I am in the process of moving to Raleigh North Carolina, and searching for new opportunity in this area!