Brochures re-designed for OffsiteDataSync's disaster recovery appliances. Includes Veeam, Vmware, Double-Take and Dell Equal-Logic. Created new diagrams showing the process of recovery for each appliance as well as a set of icons to assist the benefits copy of the brochures.
These are double-sided brochures that explain the process of back-up and recovery on the front and the benefits of that particular recovery method on the back. 
All the Disaster Recovery brochure together. Each has its own unique way of working and therefor needed separate diagrams depicting the stages of the recovery process from a customer perspective.
Double-Take Availability Brochure. On the back are the benefits this type of recovery process has for the customer.
Dell Equal-Logic Brochure. One of the more copy intensive brochures, a lot of fine-tuning went into the final production of this one to make sure everything fit perfectly in place without having to change much of the copy.
Vmware Brochure. Unlike the other three brochures this recovery method utilized a 3 step method in its recovery process; a small challenge in the design of the final front page of the brochure. Along with a longer list of benefits to fill the back page of this brochure, I applied a small amount of elbow grease and was able to fit everything on each page without anyone screaming for room to breath.
Veeam Brochure. Quite similar to the Double-Take brochure but on second look there are a few changes to the process diagram that make this recovery system unique to Veeam based server replication.
All the icons I designed for the 'benefits' sections of the brochures.
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